About Us

Campusboard is a fun way to trade unwanted stuff with students on your uni campus

☝️ About Campusboard

Campusboard is a location-based marketplace that helps students find accommodation, trade textbooks and any other unwanted items with students on their university campuses.

📖 Our Story

We started Campusboard in 2013 as an attempt to help students save money on purchasing expensive textbooks from online and campus retailers by instead connecting them with students on their campus that had those textbooks already and were willing to sell them at a fraction price of new ones.

Since its launch in 2014 at Exeter University, Campusboard has grown into a full-fledged marketplace that helped university students trade thousands of items from unwanted textbooks to furniture, find new accommodation and more.

Our Team

Seva Baskin

CEO & Founder
University of Exeter

Ana-Ruxandra Ciobanu

COO & Head of Partnerships
University of Exeter

Roberta Weber Calabró

Accommodation Expert
Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul

Juan Camacho

Accommodation Expert
London South Bank University

Michael Stavila

Accommodation Expert

Roman Milsent

Accommodation Expert
TNU University

Olga Chaban

Accommodation Expert