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About Oxford

To the west of London in the county of Oxfordshire is the university city of Oxford. Home to just over 150,000 people the city is known internationally for it’s university, the University of Oxford, which is the oldest university in the English speaking world.

Due to its age it has a fantastic array of architecture across it’s many buildings and faculties. The city has lots to see and do including Oxford Castle, Bodleian Library, Radcliffe Camera, the Bridge of Sighs as well as punting down the canals in the summer.

The city has lots to offer alongside the university, with some great sports to enjoy with both local and university teams both competing. The city also has a huge cultural impact in the world of arts, literature and music with bands such as Radiohead and authors such as C.S Lewis and Oscar Wilde having all lived in the city.

Popular Student Areas of Oxford

City Centre

Great for those looking for city living is the Oxford city centre. With a huge range of shops, restaurants & bars and pubs, this area has it all. However, the centre can be a lot pricier and has a lot less variety when it comes to housing which means it may not be ideal for everyone. The centre is also a great spot for a number of the University of Oxford buildings.


Jericho is another extremely popular area which is known for its atmosphere and large student population. Sitting right alongside the city centre the area offers most of the benefits of the centre while remaining just a little bit more subdued. The area also offers lots of pubs and cafes and some truly breathtaking architecture.

Abingdon Road

Great for those looking for a bit more green space is the Abingdon Road area. Sitting alongside the river and perfectly located next to a number of parks and recreational grounds. It certainly feels a bit more remote but still within easy access of the city centre.


Just north of the city centre and an extremely popular area for students as it offers much of what the city centre does at a better price and a more convenient location for a number of the colleges. The area has a wide range of bars and restaurants and is still within easy reach of the city centre and Oxford Parkway.


Very popular with Oxford Brookes students due to its proximity to the main campus. Sitting to the east of the city centre it is known for a somewhat artistic lifestyle and has a good range of pubs on offer. Access to the city centre is also easy via public transport so the area never feels disconnected.


Just northeast of the city centre is the area of Marston. A little more expensive than some areas but very leafy and green and within easy cycling and walking distance of both universities. Perhaps more popular with those looking for a slightly quieter time.

Cowley Road Area

This collection of streets that sit south of Magdalene and Merton Colleges is widely considered the best location for students. Easy access to the universities as well as some brilliant indie shops, cinemas and a bustling music and art scene. Restaurants and pubs are in abundance and the area is still close to the city centre, the river and university parks and recreation grounds. A much sought after area for most students in Oxford so competition can be high

Top Universities in Oxford

  • The University of Oxford
  • Oxford Brookes University

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does student accommodation cost in Oxford?

On average, it costs £315 per week to stay in student accommodation in Oxford. The average price for Ensuites is £229 per week and for Studios it is £346 per week. The actual price will depend on the location, facilities and amenities offered by the accommodation as well as how recently it was built or refurbished. You can browse all options here .

What is the best student accommodation in Oxford?

Students who stayed in Oxford have said good things about Student Castle Oxford and West Way Square student halls.

Can I pay for my student accommodation in installments?

Many properties allow you to pay for accommodation in installments rather than in a single lump sum payment. However, they will usually require you to have a UK-based guarantor (a resident of the United Kingdom between the age of 18 and 75 who will be able to pay your rent).

Can I share my student accommodation in Oxford with a friend?

Yes, many student properties in Oxford allow for dual occupancy of their rooms (e.g. for couples, best friends, siblings). Some properties offer this option absolutely for free, others charge a little extra. When browsing student rooms on Campusboard watch out for the 'Dual occupancy' label which will explain the terms for that room.