About Portsmouth

Situated on the south coast of England, Portsmouth is a port city and technically the UK’s only island city thanks to a small strip of water separating it from the mainland. The city is home to the world’s oldest dry dock and has been an important port dating back to the Roman times.

Once called the ‘greatest port in the world’ it was a hugely influential city during the height of the British Empire and is currently the home of the British Royal Navy. Today the port is the second busiest in the UK after Dover. Home to the University of Portsmouth and over 20,000 students, the city has lots to offer it’s vibrant student population.

Popular Student Areas of Portsmouth

Gunwharf Quays

A lively area with loads of bars and restaurants on offer, Gunwharf Quays remains ever popular. The area is within easy walking distance of the university campus but can be a little pricier due to the higher proportion of apartments and central location.


Southsea is an extremely popular area for student accommodation. Located on the south side of the island and with some fantastic views of the sea and the nearby Isle of Wight. The area is home to some great alternative shopping as well as all the amenities you would expect. The city centre and main university campus are both also within easy reach.


A little further away from the university campus is the area of Fratton. Despite this the area is popular with students as it offers some larger house share options and is still easily accessible by public transport, including the train station of Fratton itself.

Old Portsmouth

Known for its beauty and wide range of historical buildings, the area of Old Portsmouth is popular with those looking to escape the city centre but enjoy all the amenities and easy access to the university.


To the north east of the city centre is the area of Buckland. Certainly not as popular but the area offers some great value and still has decent transport links to the city centre and the university so it could be an option for those looking for a great deal.


To the north of the Island is Copnor. Known for its green spaces, parks and recreation grounds, the area can be a nice escape from the hustle and bustle. A little more remote and without all the amenities it therefore may not suit everyone.

Top Universities in Portsmouth

  • University of Portsmouth