Competition Terms

Facebook Cashback Offer
Terms & Conditions

  1. This offer will run until 26th September 2019 (the "Close Date").

  2. The offer is for £50 Cashback for students who book their student accommodation through Campusboard.

  3. Only applies to Private Halls and on tenancies over 35 weeks.

  4. Cashback will be sent to the student within 60 days after the move in is completed.

  5. Cashback will not apply on any cancelled bookings.

  6. Cashback will not apply on bookings that have already been confirmed prior to 21st August 2019.

  7. We reserve the right to withdraw promotion from certain properties in exceptional circumstances.

  8. Once booking is completed student must confirm with Campusboard via email or telephone that the booking has been completed and that the property provider is aware that the student has booked via Campusboard.

  9. The code CBFB50 or CBEM50 must be quoted to Campusboard during the booking process to ensure cashback is eligible.

  10. The respective tenancy agreement must be signed before the close date to be eligible.

  11. Campusboard reserves the right to extend the promotional period.

  12. The following people are not eligible to enter this offer: employees of Campusboard Group Ltd (and their family members) or any other affiliate company of Campusboard Group Ltd; residents outside of the UK; anyone who is not currently or soon to be a university student in the UK.

  13. Our contact details in relation to this offer are:
    address: Campusboard Group Ltd, E1 Studios, Whitechapel, London, England, E1 1DU.