Council Tax For Full Time Students

As a full time student you may be exempt from paying council tax. To find out a bit more about council tax and whether or not you are exempt - check out our council tax eligibility guide.

If you are exempt, great news, but you will still be required to inform your local council so that they can update their system and avoid having them chasing you up for a payment.

Firstly you will need to prove that you are actually a full time student. The best way to do this is to request a ‘Council Tax Exemption’ letter from your university or college - make sure they have your new address!

Next, confirm what council area you now live in. (You can quickly check that here:

Now all you need to do is provide your local council with your ‘Council Tax Exemption’ letter or certificate. The best method to do this will depend on your local council - so be sure to check their website and contact them directly - you may be able to confirm everything online.

Once everything is submitted you should receive confirmation that you will no longer be required to pay council tax. If you still receive a council tax bill then make sure to contact your council directly to clarify the situation.

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