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How to Decorate Your Room on a Student Budget

Let’s be honest:

Student rooms can be pretty dull when you first move in. We all want to have that bedroom that everyone wants to hang out in because it’s just so much nicer than anyone else’s in the building. The only problem is, you don’t want it to cost an arm and a leg.

How to Decorate Your Room on a Student Budget

Not to worry:

Here are some super cheap ways to breathe some new life into your bedroom, and importantly, ones that won’t dent your security deposit.

Go Natural

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Get yourself some small potted plants and dot them around your room. That small, albeit important, connection to nature will brighten and freshen up your working environment. Whether they are real or fake plants, your room will feel and look brighter and more calm.

Tape it up!

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So long, blue tac! It may be pretty handy in sticking stuff to things but what isn’t handy is having money taken off your deposit due to marks left on the wall as a result of blue tac usage. Your new best friend should be the glorious invention that is Washi Tape. Coming in arrays of colours and designs, this stuff will be a game changer for your bedroom decoration. Frame your photos, shelves and just about anything with a wonderful injection of colour and geometric patterns. Leaving no residue and super cheap to get, Washi Tape is a must for decorating your room! Check out these funky rolls that you can pick up for less than a tenner.

Hang a tapestry

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Student room walls can be pretty dull. After a while, that plain white or magnolia look will have you craving some colour and personality. Do this by using the old fashioned technique of hanging a super cool tapestry over it. Have a look at this awesome piece that you can pick up for less than £7.

Lights, Lights, Lights!

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You’d be surprised at what some simple fairy lights and cheap lamps can do. We recommend hanging your photos off them, this way you can display all your amazing photos and light up the room at the same time. For a cosy flat movie night or chat session, these lights are a great choice for making your room the place to be, at minimal cost.

Get creative with your bedding

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This is a pretty simple one but it can actually make a big difference. Inject some colour and a personal touch into your bedroom by brightening up the most important part, your bed. Check out this colourful geometric design that would definitely look great in your room!

Fragrance your room with reed diffusers

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While there are a lot of visual ways to decorate your bedroom, there is a very important aromatic technique you can use. Using only natural essential oils and requiring no flame, reed diffusers can bring a very therapeutic element to your student room. In the most natural way, your mood will be elevated and your environment beautifully fragranced. For some great aromatherapy, try this clean cotton reed diffuser.

Make your own DIY Charging Station

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Wires, wires and more wires! It’s the bane of the modern, technologically-dependent student. Seeing that entanglement of wires strewn across the bedroom floor or around your desk is certainly not aesthetically pleasing - especially when you are trying create a proper zen paradise. Why not try and make your own charging station? It can be a fun and practical way to explore your creativity, and neaten everything up at the same time.

Organise your desk with a personalised Chalkboard

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As part of your desk furniture, why not add a chalkboard that you can draw, write inspirational quotes and plan your revision on? A small but very noticeable feature to your new and improved bedroom, a chalkboard can be both a practical and creative solution to your decoration dilemma. Have a look at this chalkboard that you can pick up for less than £10.

Do you have any student hacks that you used to decorate your room? Let us know in the comments!

And if you have any friends that are in need of some inspiration, be sure to share this with them and tag them below!

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