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How to Find Cheap Student Accommodation in London

Living in London as a student can both an exciting and daunting prospect.

On the one hand, you have the buzz of the big city, with everything a university student could possibly want. On the other hand, finding cheap accommodation in London can seem like a daunting task.

“Where do I start?”. “Is it really that expensive?”. These are questions that frequently occupy the minds of students looking to move to London, and it’s justified. The city is pretty big, population density is high and living costs, as such, increase.

Yet, there are ways you can find cheap accommodation in London as a student, so lets get into it.


While rooms in student accommodation are plentiful in London, there are also just as many students looking for a place. Start researching potential living options as soon as possible.

Competition is high and listings can move very quickly. Have an idea of what you’d like beforehand so that you can easily (and quickly) determine whether a place matches your requirements.

You may be able to secure an affordable deal if you get in there early, as prices can spike the later it is left.

Location, Location, Location

Location will play a big factor in the cost of accommodation.

Work out what you can afford for your money, and assess potential properties with this in mind. Naturally, the more central you’re looking, the more expensive accommodation will be.

If you know you want to be within a certain radius of your university, focus on a select number of areas that match your budget and search accordingly.

To find cheaper student accommodation, try looking towards zones 3-6 where rent prices will be, on the whole, more affordable. This will mean travel costs to get to university, whether it be by bus, tube or train, but the cheaper rent is the pivotal factor here.

The Type of Accommodation

Students are fortunate in that there are a number of options for accommodation in London, ranging from Halls of Residence to Private Accommodation.

Halls of Residence tend to be most popular, but competition can be very high, meaning you will have to apply early enough to be able to secure a place. This leads a lot of students to the Private Accommodation market.

Private Accommodation resembles student halls in many ways, but tend to be slightly more expensive due to the additional facilities on offer to students as well as the modern specifications of the buildings themselves. However, these often are bill-inclusive, can provide excellent all-round packages for residents and can have a range of locations that are less centrally located meaning the price is affordable for students generally looking to live in London whilst studying.

Lastly, there is the option of renting a room in a flat share. Here you can find cheaper accommodation in general, as you aren’t paying for the facilities of an accommodation building. This requires a bit more preparation, as well as trial and error, to find the right place for you because you will need to arrange viewings to see the properties (this is essential!). But, if you focus on the right areas that suit your budget and your requirements, there will be a range of properties available, it just depends on your preferences!

Patience and Trusting Your Instincts

Finding cheap student accommodation in London requires a degree of patience. Competition is high and the search requires preparation. But, it is possible despite what you hear. It just depends on factors like your budget and your requirements.

Generally, there are affordable options for any student in London. If you feel like a place matches what you’re looking for and you’ve seen both the place and the landlord, then trust your instincts and act quickly before it gets snapped up. Remember, if a place seems too good to be true, then it probably is.

After all, research is key! Focus on affordable areas within your desired radius of your university and assess whether you’d like to live in Halls of Residence, Private Accommodation or a flat-share that are located in those areas.

Do you have any tips in finding cheap student accommodation in London? Let us know in the comments!

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