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Top Study Apps for Students

Phone apps have become a staple in modern-day life. Keeping track of everything that university entails has led to students looking towards their phones for help. With apps for necessities like taking notes, revising and keeping fit, student life has never been easier and cheaper. But with the amount of apps out there, finding the best ones for you could take a lifetime. Here’s our pick of the best study apps for students!


Evernote is an excellent tool for note-taking, something that is definitely a frequent activity at university! Available on both Android and IOS, even the more advanced features of the app are accessible for free. Whether it be a lecture, a class or in revision, keeping track of all your notes and organising them in a clear structure is crucial for your studies. With features such as document scanning, to-do lists, sketches, and many more, having your very own organised study planner has never been easier.


Study smart with SimpleMind! It’s is a very useful app for mind-mapping, and visualising your thoughts/ideas. The app is free for both Android and IOS, though the paid version offers users a number of additional features such as being able to export a mind-map as a PDF. Fortunately, they have a month’s free trial for the full version if you’re interested in seeing how useful it could be for you.

Office Lens

This is a tremendously useful app for any student. As the name suggests, OfficeLens allows you to capture any document or whiteboard, and then app will enhance the image and save it as a PDF, Word or Powerpoint file to be saved in OneDrive and OneNote. Perfect for lectures when you’re having troubles keeping up with the notes on the board, with Office Lens you’ll easily be able to take those notes home with you so you won’t have to catch up. It’s also available on Android and IOS - WOOP!


Another app that’s perfect for lectures and class, SoundNote will have your back if you ever get distracted, day-dream or even fall asleep! It syncs the notes you take with the audio recording, meaning you will never miss an important point. Available on IOS, SoundNote is a brilliant app for students looking to have every detail of a lecture/class.


This is a great app if you’re a collaborative learner. GoConqr allows users to collaborate with friends, classmates and group partners over learning resources such as flashcards, mind-maps and quizzes. There are over 9 million resources in their library and brilliant features for you to create your own, GoConqr is a really useful app for students who are looking to collaborate with each other. Check out the Android and IOS versions here.

Nike Training Club

Though not technically a study app, exercise is often undervalued in its effects on study and revision. Nike Training Club is an excellent app for tracking your progress and your fitness goals. With loads of workouts, you can create personalised plans that suit your student lifestyle, no matter what time of the academic year. It is available on Android and IOS here.


Let’s be honest, getting out of bed can be very tough. When you have those 9am’s, the last thing you want to do is exit the warm, cosy haven that is your bed. Alarmy is an app that forces you out of bed. Perfect for students that love a morning snooze, the app makes you get out of bed in very creative ways. For example, you might need to shake the phone up and down for a certain period of time or you might need to take a specific picture to turn the alarm off. The hope is, by this point you’ll be up and awake! Here are the Android and IOS versions.


Another organisation-boosting app, Documents will be your central hub for your studies, whether it be PDF’s, audio files and images. It’s very easy as a student to lose track of all the information you receive (there’s a lot after all!), but Documents will help centralise your study materials into one place. It’s available on IOS here.

Do you have any other apps that you would recommend for studying? Let us know in the comments below!

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