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Where Do Students Live in Edinburgh?

Edinburgh is a beautiful city to call home as a student. The incredible architecture, landscapes and culture make it a dynamic and thriving place to live. For students of the University of Edinburgh and Edinburgh Napier University, finding the right area can be a tricky task given the amount of areas in the city that are popular with university students. We thought we’d give you a helping hand, so lets see where students live in Edinburgh!


One of the most popular areas for students in Edinburgh, Marchmont ticks a lot of boxes. You’re around fellow students (and a lot of them at that!), the social life is great, rents are affordable and the scenery is very pleasant.

The area itself is filled with old Victorian tenemant flats with shops around most corners. It’s also very close to the University of Edinburgh, taking ony 5-10 minutes to walk there depending on what side of Marchmont you’re on. The area has a good balance of activity and remoteness in its vibe.

The junction of Marchmont Terrace and Marchmont Road, Edinburgh cc-by-sa/2.0 - © Graham Robson -


You’ll hear stories of that one person that managed to connect to the University wi-fi here, it’s that well located for the universities. Newington is a vibrant student hive that has everything a student could want from an excellent location for the University of Edinburgh and nightlife to plenty of supermarkets and shops.

It’s on the busier side of areas on this list but that can be a positive in itself if you’re into that; you’ll never get bored! Rents are very affordable meaning it suits a spectrum of student budgets.

Taking between 10-25 minutes to get to the University of Edinburgh, it’s understandable why Newington is such a popular area for students. It’s also convenient for students of Edinburgh Napier University.

Kilmaurs Terrace, Newington, Edinburgh cc-by-sa/2.0 - © Mike Pennington -

New Town

Definitely one of the most expensive areas a student could live in, New Town is one of the most beautiful student areas in Edinburgh. Stunning Georgian houses line the cobbled streets, boasting incredible examples of 18th Century architecture.

It’s excellently located for Prince’s Street for the shopping and nightlife there, meaning it has all the amenities a student could need nearby. Close too is Stockbridge, an area filled with great restaurants and eateries.

While rents tend to be more expensive here, you can find affordable accommodation here as there is a substantial student population in the area. The journey time to the University of Edinburgh is around 25-30 minutes if you are walking - otherwise there are buses that connect the area to campus.

Gloucester Place from Doune Terrace, Edinburgh New Town cc-by-sa/2.0 - © Jim Barton -


Mention Tollcross to a current student at the University of Edinburgh and the chances are they’ve lived there. It’s a lively student area that is consistently popular amongst students looking to live in the city outside of halls.

Cowgate and Grassmarket are nearby meaning there are plenty of shops, restaurants, bars, clubs and cinemas to keep you stocked up and entertained. For the location so close to the Meadows, it is fairly well priced compared to other areas in the city.

Getting to the University isn’t too difficult either, taking only 10-15 minutes walking to get to George Square.

Central Hall, Tollcross cc-by-sa/2.0 - © Bill Boaden -


On the more residential side, Morningside is a nice area that is perfect for those looking for a quieter setting. The independent shops here are great, as too are the cafes and bars. Rents aren’t the cheapest, but they are largely affordable for student budgets.

Morningside has a very friendly vibe and is close to the beautiful Meadows. Want a peaceful place to get stuck into that dissertation? This is the area!

The area is popular for Edinburgh Napier University students given its location to its campus.

Morningside Road, Edinburgh cc-by-sa/2.0 - © Graham Robson -

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