Where Do Students Live In Nottingham?

Nottingham has a stellar reputation as one of the best student cities in the country. With options for both University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University students, finding a student area that’s right for you won’t be too hard. Let’s check out some of Nottingham’s student havens!

University of Nottingham


Probably the first name on everyones lips when you mention ‘student area’ and ‘Nottingham’ in the same sentence. Lenton is a popular, thriving student hub located 10 minutes from the University of Nottingham. With amenities like a cinema, numerous bus routes, supermarkets, pubs, cafes, takeaways and banks, Lenton has all the basics covered for a student in the city. Student accommodation in some instances can be a little more expensive because of the reputation of the area as Nottingham’s most popular student zone but generally it is affordable. Nottingham nightlife is some of the best in the country, and Lenton is located excellently for a good night out and a short trip home!

Leafy Lenton cc-by-sa/2.0 - © John Sutton - geograph.org.uk/p/2361001


For the University of Nottingham students, the location is the selling point here. On the quieter side in comparison to Lenton, Dunkirk still boasts a strong student population. There are various amenities such as a supermarket, a selection of pubs and off-licences, which are ideal when combined with its highly convenient location. A short 10 minutes away is the Showcase Cinema and Megabowl, with eateries such as Nando’s and Five Guys just around the corner. It is a popular area for international students.


Located further west than Dunkirk, Beeston is another popular student area. Around 25 minutes away from the University of Nottingham, the area might as well be considered a town in its own right. Shopping is great, there are plenty of pubs and restaurants, and accommodation tends to be on the cheaper side. It’s not the most convenient with regards to location, but transport links are good.

Nottingham Trent University


Excellently located for the city centre campus, Arboretum is a popular student area for Nottingham Trent University students. The Students’ Union is just a short walk away as well as everything the city centre has to offer! It’s within walking distance to train and bus stations, meaning travel is convenient from Arboretum. Bars, pubs, shops and green spaces are all nearby as well.

City Centre

Normally on the pricier side, city centre living is another popular choice for Nottingham students from both universities. Everything you could want is on your doorstep, from restaurants to shops. Additionally, transport links are great from the city centre to anywhere across the city meaning you’ll never be stuck on what to do in Nottingham. It can get pretty noisy in the evenings, but on the plus side, you won’t have to travel far to get home after a night out!



Slightly further out from the centre, Sneinton attracts a lot of students because of its cheaper rents. When combined with the short travel distances to the centre of town, Sneinton is an attractive option for students. There are a few supermarkets, but the gems are the local shops!

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