🛌 Student Accommodation near Met Film School


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best student accommodation near Met Film School?

Students who went to Met Film School have said good things about Holbrook, McMillan Student Village, Portobello Garrow House, Olympic Way, and Stratford ONE student halls.

What is the cheapest student accommodation near Met Film School?

Currently, Vega is the cheapest student hall near Met Film School, with rooms starting at £176.52 per week. You can browse all options here .

What is the closest student accommodation to Met Film School?

The nearest student halls to Met Film School are The Lyra (cycling time 20 min), Holbrook (bus time 21 min), Prince Consort Village (cycling time 28 min), Portobello Garrow House (subway time 31 min), Arch View House (cycling time 38 min), Olympic Way (cycling time 39 min), AXO Oxford Circus (bus time 44 min), Chelsea Lightfoot Hall (subway time 45 min), The Hub (subway time 50 min), Blithehale Court (subway time 51 min), Therese House (subway time 52 min), Vega (subway time 55 min), The Stay Club Kentish Town (subway time 57 min), Pound Field (Marinus Studios) (subway time 57 min), The Hive (subway time 58 min), Walmsley Studios (Liberty House) (subway time 58 min), Wellington Lodge (subway time 59 min), The Stay Club Colindale (bus time 59 min), Rahere Court (subway time 1 h), and Dashwood Studios (subway time 1 h).