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About Cambridge

Cambridge is a university city based in the east of England on the River Cam. Cambridge is home to one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious universities and is generally known globally for this association. The University of Cambridge was founded in 1209 and has a tremendous influence on the city’s development over the years.

The colleges are dotted around the town and offer breathtaking architecture and a stunning glimpse into the history of the city. Perhaps the most famous of which, the King’s College Chapel, was in fact completed during the reign of King Henry VIII. The city therefore often feels like it was specifically designed for students, with a number of purpose built student accommodation within a few minutes walk of the colleges offered fully furnished student rooms and living spaces.

Despite its long standing association with the University, modern Cambridge has a lot more to offer. With central Cambridge offering a number of fantastic green spaces, such as Parkers Piece, Jesus Green and Midsummer Common, while the whole city itself sits in a green belt. There are a whole host of museums and galleries to explore as well as a vibrant music and arts scene and all the shopping and amenities you would expect.

Perhaps not known for its nightlife, the city still offers plenty to do on a night out with some fantastic pubs and restaurants on offer. There are also plenty of sports in the area with football, rugby, cricket and water sports all popular in the city. In fact the city played an important role in the founding of modern association football with one of the first official games being played locally. The university is also part of a famous boat race and the varsity rugby match, which takes place every year in London and sees The University of Cambridge take on The University of Oxford for that year’s bragging rights.

The city is also home to Anglia Ruskin university, which despite being much newer, still offers a wide range of popular courses and has been working hard to develop its own identity within the city university scene. Transport wise, Cambridge is only 50 miles from London, so a quick trip to the capital is another easy option. The city is also close to London Stansted Airport which means international travel is covered.

Popular Student Areas of Cambridge

Mill Road

Located southeast of the city centre is Mill Road. A cosmopolitan and bustling high street offering a wide range of amenities as well as connecting a large number of residential and commercial streets. The street runs all the way from Parker’s Piece to Cherry Hinton Brook and offers a number of cafes, pubs and restaurants along the way.

Cambridge City Centre

The city centre offers a wide range of amenities and travel links with some stunning architecture, pubs and restaurants. You’ll be able to experience much of the city on foot so this offers a great starting point for your exploration. Traditionally it’s more expensive and harder to find accommodation here than some other areas due to its popularity as well as lots of the central building being privately owned. However, there are more residential areas just outside the centre that still give great access.

Newmarket Road

To the east of the city centre and running somewhat parallel to Mill Road it Newmarket Road. A little less cosmopolitan, the area offers lots of residential and commercial streets as well as easy access to the river cam and some decent local amenities. The Grafton Centre, one of Cambridge’s shopping malls if located nearby, as well at the Cambridge United football ground.

Hills Road

Running south of the city centre toward Addenbrookes Hospital and past the railway station is Hills Road. A short walk to the Cambridge train station as well as the botanic gardens and number of educational facilities. Generally more residential, Hills road itself does offer shops, restaurants and some pubs along the way which are popular with students living in the area. But the city centre and Mill Road in particular is easily accessible, with a number of residential streets sitting between these two roads.

Top Universities in Cambridge

  • The University of Cambridge
  • Anglia Ruskin University

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does student accommodation cost in Cambridge?

On average, it costs £256 per week to stay in student accommodation in Cambridge. The average price for Ensuites is £235 per week and for Studios it is £286 per week. The actual price will depend on the location, facilities and amenities offered by the accommodation as well as how recently it was built or refurbished. You can browse all options here .

Can I pay for my student accommodation in installments?

Many properties allow you to pay for accommodation in installments rather than in a single lump sum payment. However, they will usually require you to have a UK-based guarantor (a resident of the United Kingdom between the age of 18 and 75 who will be able to pay your rent).

Can I share my student accommodation in Cambridge with a friend?

Yes, many student properties in Cambridge allow for dual occupancy of their rooms (e.g. for couples, best friends, siblings). Some properties offer this option absolutely for free, others charge a little extra. When browsing student rooms on Campusboard watch out for the 'Dual occupancy' label which will explain the terms for that room.