Where Do Students Live In Bristol?

Living in Bristol is great for a student. It is a vibrant and thriving hub of University of Bristol and University of the West of England students. Finding the right area to call home can be a tough task in a city as big as here. The question is, where do students live in Bristol? Fortunately, there are numerous student areas in Bristol that are ideal for university students. So lets have a look!

University of Bristol


Located on the doorstep of the highly popular Gloucester Road is Redland, a thriving student hub that is filled with both UoB and UWE students. Filled with shops, cafes and bars, the area is stocked up with things to do. Accommodation is reasonable but definitely get in there early to grab a top deal. Getting to UoB can vary, but generally it is a convenient spot for reaching the university. The area is big and can take as short as 10 minutes to get to UoB but it can also take 40 minutes, depending on where you’re located in Redland.

Clifton Village

Arguably one of the prettiest areas in Bristol, Clifton Village is beautifully lined with Georgian houses and quaint cafes, shops and pubs. Extremely safe and boasting superb transport links to the centre of town and universities, the area is very popular with students. Ideal for UoB students, campus is a maximum 15 minutes away. These positives however come at a price, the price being rent fees. The area is quite expensive for a student in comparison to most of the other student areas in Bristol.

City Centre

Everything is on your doorstep. Amenities are plentiful and you won’t have to travel far for university (10-20 minute walk). Great for getting back in after a night out, it’s an area filled with things to do, bars to check out and restaurants to try. As expected, rent prices are pretty steep but on the plus side, travel costs to university will be slim.

University of the West of England


The location is key here. Despite not being as ‘hip’ as the likes of Gloucester Road and Redland, the benefit of the short walk to campus shouldn’t be understated. The area has numerous shops, cafes and pubs to keep you occupied and transport links into the centre of town are good with buses taking around 25 minutes. Rent prices are affordable, which has made it a popular hub for UWE students.

Bedminister and Southville

Prime for UWE students located at the Bower Ashton campus, these spots are popular amongst students for the short travel distances and features on offer for students in the area. Notably, the renowned Tobacco Factory Theatre is nearby as well as numerous restaurants and coffee shops. Rent prices are favourable which is ideal.

Gloucester Road

Rounding off the list is the student haven that is Gloucester Road. Perfect for both UWE and UoB students, this is one of the most popular student areas in Bristol, and with good reason. There’s a lot going on, especially due to the high numbers of students in the area. Travel to university will require between 30-45 mins for either university, with frequent bus services running to both universities. Accommodation can be snapped up for highly affordable prices too!

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