🛌 Student Accommodation near SAE Institute, London Campus


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best student accommodation near SAE Institute, London Campus?

Students who went to SAE Institute, London Campus have said good things about Holbrook, Kensal Green Garrow House, Olympic Way, Stratford ONE, and McMillan Student Village student halls.

What is the cheapest student accommodation near SAE Institute, London Campus?

Currently, The Hive is the cheapest student hall near SAE Institute, London Campus, with rooms starting at £296 per week. You can browse all options here .

What is the closest student accommodation to SAE Institute, London Campus?

The nearest student halls to SAE Institute, London Campus are East Central House (cycling time 10 min), Student Living Heights (cycling time 11 min), Charles Morton Court (cycling time 11 min), Arbour House (Liberty House) (cycling time 12 min), Blithehale Court (cycling time 13 min), Therese House (cycling time 13 min), Walmsley Studios (Liberty House) (cycling time 14 min), The Hive (cycling time 14 min), Elizabeth Croll House (cycling time 16 min), Depot Point (cycling time 17 min), Rahere Court (cycling time 18 min), Pacific Court (cycling time 18 min), Drapery Place (Liberty Plaza) (cycling time 18 min), The Curve (cycling time 18 min), St Pancras Way (cycling time 23 min), Somerset Court (cycling time 24 min), Surrey Quays Landale House (subway time 24 min), Bloomsbury Janet Poole House (cycling time 25 min), Stratford ONE (cycling time 25 min), and Emily Bowes Court (subway time 25 min).