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Student Accommodation Aberdeen

About Aberdeen

Located in the North East of Scotland, Aberdeen is the country’s third largest city and is often referred to as the ‘Granite City’. Once famous for its grey granite quarries (hence its nickname) it is now perhaps more recognised for its offshore oil industries. Despite being fairly remote it was recently voted one of the most visitable cities in the UK.

Sitting in the Scottish lowlands it is actually very close to the breathtaking highlands and the beautiful Cairngorms National Park lies just to the west of the city. Aberdeen sits on the mouths of the Rivers Dee and Don and its sandy beach looks out onto the North Sea.

Home to Aberdeen Football Club which is one of Scotland’s largest football clubs with the stadium only a few minutes from the university of Aberdeen. Sports lovers will have lots more to enjoy including rugby, cricket, swimming, ice hockey and golf. The city has loads to explore with a number of museums, galleries and gardens to discover. The city centre is quite compact which means everything is within a short walk and allows any Aberdeen student to truly get to know the city during their stay.

The city is home to the University of Aberdeen and Robert Gordon University so it has a sizeable student population. The nightlife is also well prepared with a wide range of pubs and bars on offer around the city, in particular the city centre and the popular Union Street. There is also a wide range of Student Accommodation in Aberdeen from student house shares and purpose built student accommodation offering ensuite and studio rooms with student focused facilities.

Popular Student Areas of Aberdeen

City Centre

Surrounded by all the amenities you could want the city centre of Aberdeen has it all. Perfect for getting home after a night out with easy access to the shops and pubs on Union Street as well as the Union Square shopping centre. Easy transport links all around the city as well as Aberdeen’s central train station.


Kittybrewster sits between the King’s College campus and the city Centre. It has remained popular for students as its rent remains affordable while offering easy access to university. The area itself is a bit quieter than some and doesn’t offer a huge number of amenities although the city centre is not far away so you won’t have an issue finding what you need.

King Street

King Street is a long stretch of road that runs from the city centre all the way past the University of Aberdeen and on to Old Aberdeen. Therefore it’s a popular spot for university students with a number of residential streets running off King Street. It’s just 15 minutes walk to the beach so a perfect location if you enjoy dipping your toes in the sand.

Old Aberdeen

Old Aberdeen used to be its own separate Burgh just north of the city of Aberdeen but officially became part of Aberdeen by the late 1800’s. The area is home to the University of Aberdeen’s Old Aberdeen campus and therefore accommodates a large student population and accommodation options. However, accommodation in the area is known to book up fast due to its proximity to the campus.


Rosemount is just to the west of the city centre and is popular for student house shares. Not far from all the amenities of the centre and offering students large terraced housing options. Also not far away are the green spaces of Victoria Park and Westburn Park for you to enjoy on those sunny afternoons.

Top Universities in Aberdeen

  • The University of Aberdeen
  • Robert Gordon University

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does student accommodation cost in Aberdeen?

On average, it costs £167 per week to stay in student accommodation in Aberdeen. The average price for Ensuites is £131 per week and for Studios it is £218 per week. The actual price will depend on the location, facilities and amenities offered by the accommodation as well as how recently it was built or refurbished. You can browse all options here .

What is the best student accommodation in Aberdeen?

Students who stayed in Aberdeen have said good things about Fraser Studios, Trinity Court, Linksfield, and Justice Mill Studios student halls.

Can I pay for my student accommodation in installments?

Many properties allow you to pay for accommodation in installments rather than in a single lump sum payment. However, they will usually require you to have a UK-based guarantor (a resident of the United Kingdom between the age of 18 and 75 who will be able to pay your rent).

Can I share my student accommodation in Aberdeen with a friend?

Yes, many student properties in Aberdeen allow for dual occupancy of their rooms (e.g. for couples, best friends, siblings). Some properties offer this option absolutely for free, others charge a little extra. When browsing student rooms on Campusboard watch out for the 'Dual occupancy' label which will explain the terms for that room.