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About Exeter

Sitting on the River Exe in the southwest of England is the beautiful city of Exeter. Originally founded by the Romans, the city is steeped in history. Until around 100 years ago the city had a thriving wool trade which has more recently been replaced by tourism for the southwest counties of Devon and Cornwall. The city is home to Exeter cathedral, the Royal Albert Memorial Museum and Gallery, some fantastic 14th century tunnels to tour as well as amazing wildlife and nature reserves.

Popular Student Areas of Exeter

Union Road

An extremely popular road with many of the prominent student streets all connected to Union Road. The road sits about 15-25 minutes from the University campus and puts you in the perfect spot for socialising.

Victoria Street

Connected to Union Road is the popular Victoria Street which is well known as a popular house share road for University students. The Victoria Inn is here as well as a number of other popular amenities so you’ll have everything you need on your doorstep. And the city centre and university are also close by. A great spot if you want to be in the thick of student life.

Pennsylvania Road & Longbrook Street

Connecting the university areas with the city centre are Pennsylvania Road and Longbrook Street. Very popular with students as it connects a number of other popular roads while also being home to a whole host of takeaways, pubs, supermarkets and retailers. Campus is only a short walk away and the city centre is right on your doorstep too. A perfect mix of student and city living.

Mount Pleasant

A bit further from the centre is the picturesque area of Mount Pleasant. Definitely a more quiet option for those looking to focus a little more on their studies. A little bit further from campus but still easily accessible and with a few nice green spaces to enjoy.

Howell Road

Howell road extends from Longbrook Street out west towards Exeter St David’s train station. The area offers you great proximity to a number of the more lively student streets but allows a bit of distance. Still close enough to university and the city centre as well as the river, it offers a nice mix of everything.

Powderham Crescent

Close to St James’ Park Station and Exeter Football Club is Powderham Crescent. Great for a night out at a few of the local pubs and fantastic for those looking to mix with the local football fans on a Saturday afternoon.

Heavitree Road

Great for those at St Luke’s Campus and sitting just east of the city centre is Heavitree Road. Amenities are on hand with a number of supermarkets and shops in the area. The area is a bit further from the main campus but still within walking distance. And the city centre is also still easily accessible by bus or by foot.

Top Universities in Exeter

  • University of Exeter

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does student accommodation cost in Exeter?

On average, it costs £268 per week to stay in student accommodation in Exeter. The average price for Ensuites is £188 per week and for Studios it is £287 per week. The actual price will depend on the location, facilities and amenities offered by the accommodation as well as how recently it was built or refurbished. You can browse all options here .

What is the best student accommodation in Exeter?

Students who stayed in Exeter have said good things about Exeter One, Renslade House, Northernhay House, Trust House, and Walnut Gardens student halls.

Can I pay for my student accommodation in installments?

Many properties allow you to pay for accommodation in installments rather than in a single lump sum payment. However, they will usually require you to have a UK-based guarantor (a resident of the United Kingdom between the age of 18 and 75 who will be able to pay your rent).

Can I share my student accommodation in Exeter with a friend?

Yes, many student properties in Exeter allow for dual occupancy of their rooms (e.g. for couples, best friends, siblings). Some properties offer this option absolutely for free, others charge a little extra. When browsing student rooms on Campusboard watch out for the 'Dual occupancy' label which will explain the terms for that room.