🛌 Student Accommodation near Royal College of Music


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best student accommodation near Royal College of Music?

Students who went to Royal College of Music have said good things about Olympic Way, Emily Bowes Court, Mannequin House, Portobello Garrow House, and Stratford ONE student halls.

What is the cheapest student accommodation near Royal College of Music?

Currently, Surrey Quays Landale House is the cheapest student hall near Royal College of Music, with rooms starting at £179 per week. You can browse all options here .

What is the closest student accommodation to Royal College of Music?

The nearest student halls to Royal College of Music are Fulham Palace Studios (cycling time 20 min), Portobello Garrow House (cycling time 20 min), Louise House (cycling time 21 min), Vega (subway time 28 min), Covent Garden Grosvenor House (cycling time 28 min), The Lyra (bus time 29 min), Wellington Lodge (cycling time 30 min), Moonraker Point (cycling time 32 min), Camden Hawley Crescent (cycling time 37 min), Drapery Place (Liberty Plaza) (subway time 37 min), Surrey Quays Landale House (subway time 38 min), The Stay Club Camden (cycling time 38 min), Emily Bowes Court (subway time 39 min), The Curve (subway time 40 min), Arbour House (Liberty House) (cycling time 40 min), Blithehale Court (subway time 42 min), Rahere Court (subway time 42 min), Mannequin House (subway time 42 min), Pacific Court (subway time 44 min), and AXO New Cross (subway time 44 min).