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Student Accommodation Manchester

About Manchester

Manchester is one of the largest cities in the UK and sits within Greater Manchester in the North West of England. The metropolitan area has a population of over 3.3 Million which makes it the second largest in the UK. Manchester boomed as a textile town during the industrial revolution and grew even further when the Manchester Ship Canal was opened which gave the city access to the Irish Sea.

The city has seen heavy redevelopment over the last 20 years and is now the 3rd most visited city in the UK. The city has a large cultural influence in everything from music and arts to sports and engineering. Two of the most famous football clubs in the world Manchester United and Manchester City are based here with Old Trafford being the largest club football ground in the UK and one of the largest in the world.

The city has a whole host of things to explore with museums and galleries including The Lowry and the Science and Industry Museum on your doorstep. The city is well known for its transport history and nowadays offers links to most areas of the UK, with a train to London taking only 2 hours. The city also has great public transport options and has the largest tram system in the UK which makes getting around town easier than ever.

Manchester has always had a rich musical history and world famous bands such as Oasis, The Smiths, The Stone Roses, Joy Division and Take That, to name just a few, all hail from Manchester. The dance, theatre and opera scene is also one of the best in the UK with the Manchester Opera House and Palace theatre offering West End shows and touring productions.

The nightlife in Manchester rivals most with a huge number of people visiting the city every weekend to enjoy what the city has to offer with over 500 bars, pubs and clubs on offer there’s no wonder it’s such a popular destination. That goes for students too with over 100,000 students from 5 different universities all living and studying here.

Popular Student Areas of Manchester


Fallowfield is home to a number of University of Manchester student halls which means this area is bustling with student activity. All the local bars and shops in the area are set up to cater for the student population and everything you might need for a great night out is here.


Withington is a little further south of Fallowfield and although it’s typically a little quieter - it’s still a very popular area for students in Manchester. It’s got great access to all the important amenities, and getting to the University of Manchester is easy enough with a number of bus routes taking you right to the campus and beyond into the city centre. Arguably more for those looking for slightly less distraction than Fallowfield but still close enough to the action to ensure you enjoy your time.


Rusholme sits just to the north of Fallowfield. Home to The Curry Mile, people will travel for miles to enjoy the numerous curry houses available here. The area is surrounded by a number of parks and green spaces and sits nicely between Fallowfield and the city centre, which means it’s effectively walking distance from both the University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University.


Hulme has seen many changes in the last 15 years. It’s seen a wealth of new developments but maintains its traditional charm and benefits from being in a fantastic location. The Universities and the city centre are all nearby. In fact, walking to the city centre from Hulme takes just 20 minutes.

Perhaps not the most vibrant of nightlife but the city centre is close enough that you can still enjoy a top night out.

Top Universities in Manchester

  • University of Manchester
  • Manchester Metropolitan University

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does student accommodation cost in Manchester?

On average, it costs £305 per week to stay in student accommodation in Manchester. The average price for Ensuites is £228 per week, for Studios it is £349 per week, and for Shared rooms it is £547 per week. The actual price will depend on the location, facilities and amenities offered by the accommodation as well as how recently it was built or refurbished. You can browse all options here .

What is the best student accommodation in Manchester?

Students who stayed in Manchester have said good things about True Salford Hub One, Vita Circle Square, Vita First Street, True Salford Hub Two, and Allen Court student halls.

Can I pay for my student accommodation in installments?

Many properties allow you to pay for accommodation in installments rather than in a single lump sum payment. However, they will usually require you to have a UK-based guarantor (a resident of the United Kingdom between the age of 18 and 75 who will be able to pay your rent).

Can I share my student accommodation in Manchester with a friend?

Yes, many student properties in Manchester allow for dual occupancy of their rooms (e.g. for couples, best friends, siblings). Some properties offer this option absolutely for free, others charge a little extra. When browsing student rooms on Campusboard watch out for the 'Dual occupancy' label which will explain the terms for that room.